Genuine By Anthony Rare Breed All Leather Snap-back

$ 20.00
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Genuine By Anthony Red Breed All Leather Snap-back:

Innovation in dress coding always remains catchy. The red cap by Genuine by Anthony is sure to make you look unique. The cap comes in high-quality leather material and the mat finish delivers a smart look irrespective of any dress you wear. The color red is significantly bright and is sure to catch attention. Moreover, what  makes it look magnificent is the overall embroidery made on the entire product. Some of the features of this Limited Edition product are:

  • Made of high-quality leather material that provides the wearer with both comfort and style.
  • The product displays beautiful embroidery, digging a simple but a vibrant design.
  • The specialty of the cap lies in its exclusive quality material and color, the sweet red disposing magnetic effect among the crowd.

 The clean and simple look of the cap lies its exclusivity with a thin band at the back. This Genuine product Anthony definitely adds a different look to your image each time you wear the cap.



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