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Genuine By Anthony

Genuine By Anthony Just Different Pink Cap

Genuine By Anthony Just Different Pink Cap

Genuine by Anthony comes up with an extraordinary design of a pink cap to make you feel different from others. The cap holds a sweet light cream pink color that makes you look immensely charming, a perfect match with a jeans and top. Further, the engraved letters on the top of the cap act as an attractive charm for the product. Moreover, the comfort that the cotton material provides remains the key factor for its extensive use. Some of the features of the cap include,

  • Crafted with 100% cotton material, thus making it a sustainable product in long run
  • The high quality of embroidery all throughout the body of the cap.
  • Limited edition for its exclusivity.

Added to the comfort of the product, the entire cap has been knitted with fine and simple embroidery design that provides an unusual look to the product. The specialty of the cap lies in its simple embroidery throughout its body while the color makes mixes with the apparel you wear.

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