Genuine By Anthony Denim Lit Cap

$ 20.00
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 Genuine By Anthony Denim Lit Cap:

Since putting a hat is way easier than having hair style done properly, many strive to find the caps that are extremely à la mode. Enabling one to get adorned in a breath-taking attire, Genuine By Anthony has taken the bid to launch Denim Lit Cap online.


  • High quality embroidery that has been incorporated into the cap makes this one of the best hats available in the market.
  • Being made of 100% cotton, this soft and stretchy cap is easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Besides unravelling the best scope for one to look more complete, it can also help you stay to cool in the scorching heat of the Sun.


Available in a Exclusive Limited Edition, this cap costs only $40 and the price is likely to go up after the stock ends. Staying in style and staying protected is easier now with the Genuine By Anthony Denim Lit Cap.



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