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Genuine By Anthony

Flipped Genuine By Anthony Black Cap

Flipped Genuine By Anthony Black Cap

The black cap introduced by flipped Genuine by Anthony maintains a very simple and sober design. Well, the colour black definitely has got its own charm that adds a unique flavour to any attire you put on. It has got engraved the word genuine in silvery letters that combines with black to produce a vibrant look.  Some of its features include,

  • Made with 100% cotton, the cap provides high comfort.
  • Embroidery stimulating the vibrant factor.
  • Available in Limited Edition making the product an exclusive one.

However, the quality of the cap is extremely unique that hardly has got a chance for the decrease in quality, will remain the same for many years to come even with daily use. Added to that, the engraved words are entirely works of fine embroidery that puts a magnetic charm to the product.


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