How It Works

How It Works


How do we operate?
Do you know what a pre-order is? Basically we make products our customers ask us to make. It depends on the level demand, if the demand is high, we will make it but if it is not, we don’t make such item. This is actually a very good approach as it avoids waste of time and materials, we work on styles customers actually want not what we think they will want. This is possible because of our unique crowdsourcing business model and continuous production. We are able make quality and good fabrics at an affordable price when compared to a larger company’s price. We produce goods at a very amazing value.

What is "Back This Project"?

Each of our products is a “campaign”. Our customers are the ones to decide whether or not should we will make the product. During the time before we make the product, it is referred to as a campaign. If the campaign reaches its target number of customer acceptance, we will move into production. This method greatly helps to reduce waste of resources and time. We will only produce styles and sizes ordered by customers, so most of the products come in small batches. People have different preference of styles, so if enough people back up a particular style, we will make the style.

The only disadvantage with our product is the time you need to wait after ordering. Normally we start production after a “campaign” has hit its target customer. It takes between 6-8 weeks to produce a product, but considering the uniqueness and quality, we can assure you it is worth the wait. Information on expected delivery month is provided on each campaign page below the product description.

The moment you click the ‘Back This Project’ option, your credit card will be validated but no payment will be made yet. We need a targeted number of customers before we start production, so when you back the project, we won’t charge you for the product yet. We will only charge when the campaign has hit its mark and production is about to start. In a situation where a certain campaign did not reach targeted number of customers, it will be cancelled and no customer will be charged.

What size should I order?

Depending on the type of product you want to order, they all have different size. With the help of our size chart, you can have an idea which size will fit you the best. When a customer chooses a particular size, we make it a priority to make every product the size it was requested, also when customers orders a size we think is too small, we make announcement to notify the customer.

When do I pay?
The moment you back a project, your credit card will be validated but no payment will be made. In a case the campaign doesn’t reach its mark before the deadline, it will be cancelled and no charge will be removed from your credit cards.
Failed Charges?
From the day you back a project to the day you are actually charged for the order, something might go wrong and for some reason the charge attempt will fail. Customers will be given 3 days to resolve the issue, if it not resolved within the stipulated time our system will cancel your order so that production can begin.
Deleting old credit cards?
In a situation our system can’t charge your credit card, you will need to update your billing information: 1. Visit your order page and verify if the billing information you provided is correct. In case there was a mistake, you can re-enter the correct billing information or give a new credit card by clicking on the “Use a new card” option. 2. You can delete the old card information on your account page with the trash can icon you will find next to the card listing after you have successfully, updated the credit card billing information or added a new credit card, and you have received an email confirming the charge. 3. In case you are unsure if the charge is successful, you can contact us via
Can I change the size I ordered?
Yes and no. As long as a campaign is still in progress, you can still make some changes. All you have to do is to visit the page using your account and change the size of what you ordered. However, if you visit the page and you cannot find the option to change the size, it simply implies the campaign has ended and production is underway. At this point, there is very little we can do to change the size you originally chose. To avoid getting a size that won’t fit you, try as much as possible to go through the Fit guide we provided and try to contact us via if you have any question or query.
I backed a campaign, but now I would like to change the size/style
A customer can always make changes to his/her order as long as the campaign is still in progress, all you have to do is visit the order page and change the order. However, there is limit to the number of change you can make to either size or the style of your order. If you also want to cancel you can cancel your order as long as the campaign is still in progress. You just have to visit the order page and click on the red button provided there.
When will it ship?
Every product has estimated shipping month which is usually at the bottom of the campaign page. After backing a campaign, the information regarding the delivery month will be provided at the bottom of the campaign page. You can access the campaign page by going to and click on the campaign name. For more information and updates as regards your order, you can visit your order page through our page ( At the bottom of your pending orders, there is information regarding the production status and shipping dates for the orders. We make sure to update the information every 2 weeks. Your order page is one place you can be sure to get updated information as regards your order. We also send emails to customers as soon as orders are being shipped to different customers, the email contains the tracking number. If you don’t have access to your email address, you can get the tracking order on your order page. Shipping address can also be changed even during production, until the order is shipped out, address can be changed. All you have to do is visit your order page and click on the edit button, you will find option on where to update your address. After updating a new address, you can delete the old address. In case if any question or difficulty in changing the address, you can contact us via


What is the status of my order?
There is an estimated shipping month usually at the bottom of the order page, together with the estimated shipping month is the production status. Every 2 weeks, we try to update customers on the status of the production. All you have to dis to visit the page and click on the campaign, you will see information regarding the shipping month and production status. This is our number source of information, as we update the information frequently. As soon as orders are being shipped out, we send emails to customers including the tracking number of their orders. If you cannot access your email or somehow, you lose the email, the information is also included at the bottom of your order page.
Why do some campaigns close early?
Our items are produced in short batches, mostly we don’t make too many products. In a situation we plan to make only 30 units of a product, it may take just an hour for the campaign to end and sometimes it may take the whole campaign period. However, as soon as the all units we projected have been ordered, campaign stops and production kicks off. That is why we advise customers, it is safer to quickly back a campaign the moment it starts without wasting time.
Can an item be funded more than 100%?
We don’t accept any more orders as soon as our campaign reaches its mark.
How do I get in on a past campaign?
We are a brand that prides ourselves with working with our customers to produce items that they desire. Sometimes we try to bring back a popular campaign, but the decision of producing such item is all up to the customers. Whether new or old, we only make what our customers want us to make. You can view old campaigns by scrolling down past the active campaigns.


When will it ship?
Immediately after backing a campaign, you will be able to access information of the campaign like the estimated shipping month. This information is provided on the order page, it is at the bottom of the page. The estimated shipping month is frequently updated as the production of the item is in progress. The order page is one place you can be guaranteed to get up-to-date information the progress of the production and the estimated time of shipping. Emails are sent out to customers when the orders are being shipped out, the email contains the tracking number of the particular order a customer made. If for some reason, you cannot access the email sent to you, you can get the tracking number on the order page.
Do you combine shipping or offer free shipping?
The uniqueness of our business model does not allow the need for additional cost on warehouses or fulfillment centers. We ship out our products immediately they are produced. This makes our product cheaper, we don’t offer combined shipping on any campaign purchases. We ship exactly what you order immediately after production. Free shipping is more or less an abstract word in a business world, it is either the shipping fee is infused into the price of the product or an investor is in charge of handling the shipping fee in other to expand the business. Free shipping is a very good marketing tool, but our products have an amazing value and come at an affordable price even with the shipping fee added.
How do I purchase multiple of a given item?
Our business model does not permit multiple orders, it is not an option. Every customer is entitled to make an order, but if you want to order large number of a particular product, you can contact us and we will sort it out.
Do you ship worldwide?
Most definitely! We have successfully shipped our products to 30 different countries. When ordering for a product, you can choose between domestic and international shipping. It is important to note that depending on the value of the product you are ordering if it is for international shipping, the price for the shipping charge may not be included. To know your county’s custom charge, you can contact your local post office. Also, due to custom clearance when shipping internationally, the original delivery date may be extended. Experience is the best teacher they say, and from experience we will like to advise customers that are staying in the US but not for long, you should not have your order shipped to US as there is no guarantee the order will reach you in time before you leave. However, if you will be staying there for a while, there is no problem
Can you hold back my package?
Unfortunately our fulfillment centers does not permit keeping packages for customers, we can’t keep customers’ orders after production. In a situation you won’t be available to receive your package. You can put a hold on your mail with your local UPS or change the shipping address to that of a neighbor, family, friend or business associate. A customer has the liberty to change the shipping address, which can be done by visiting the Genuine website before the order is being shipped out. When the order is shipped out, you can’t change the shipping address. Visit and select the edit option next to your order and change the shipping address. If you encounter nay problem or need any clarification, you can contact us and we will do our best to provide you with the help you need.
Returned to sender packages
When a customer doesn’t reach out to us before a package is delivered back to us, we will have to process the refund back to the original form of payment for the particular product in the equivalence of the price of the returned product.
Do you pay for return shipping?
Unfortunately our refund only covers the original shipping cost, but we have the interest of our customers at mind that is why our margin is low, so as to provide customers with the best price.
Taking note of the fact that every brand fits differently, we made it easy for customers to choose a size that will fit them comfortable regardless of the brand. We provide additional information on the campaign description for different products, but should you have any questions regarding fit, don’t hesitate to ask.
Can I exchange or return the item after I receive it?
We don’t stock items, which is our business model. It helps to reduce cost and makes our products cheaper but it makes exchange of products a bit hard. However, we will do our best to entertain exchange of unworn, unwashed and unaltered items for another comparable style or store credit. There is a probability we may not have the exact fabric you are looking for, but being in the business for a number of years, we are confident we will do our best to see that your request is being handled. For more questions you can always contact us via
Custom orders/sizes?
We work very efficiently thanks to the set number of patterns we work with. Custom sizing is not something we can provide to customers currently.
Do you have a physical store where I can try on your goods?
We don’t have a store neither do we stock goods at a store where customers can try products on. However, if we will be having special events where customers can come and try on our products, we will pass the message of these events through our newsletter.
Customers at the moment. Most customers are advised to either cuff their jeans or have it hemmed at a local tailor shop.For smooth and quick response, make sure to add on your contact list. Depending on the type of mail you are using, our replies may not enter the inbox of your mail. Most Gmail users can find our emails on the Promotion folder, while some other can check the Spam folder in case they cannot find it in the Inbox folder.